Pu'uhale's Flag Football Champions

Congratulations to our Quarter 2 Flag Football Champions - The Beasts. All teams played splendidly and should be proud of themselves. We can't wait for the next season!
Here's a short newspaper article written by Mr. Pang's students:

Beasts Dominate the Jaguars

By P. Dela Carcel and R. Padigos

On November 21, 2023 the Beast went against the Jaguars. The score was a Blow Out, the Beast scored 35 points and the Jaguars sadly scored 0. On the Beast there were Car-dee, Tracy, Gianna, Josiua, and the MVP Dayson. On the Jaguars there were Khian, Kalena, Yannie, Jacob, and Tula. Dayson scored 5 touchdowns and about 35 points in total. This magnificent event happened at Pu’uhale’s Stadium.  The Beast are now crowned the kings and queens and will all get a ribbon. On the Beast Tracy, Car-dee, Gianna, and Josiua played good defense. Teachers Mr. Pang, Mr. Tokumi, and Counselor Mr. Sasaki planned to do flag football so kids can come to school more often, to make students' brains work, and to have fun. Roniel said “It was shockingly amazing to win and to play against the top team.”